Saturday, May 31, 2014

8 More Days.

Elmer is eager to get going on his world adventure. He had a very short packing list.

1) Snacks for the airplane. 

2) Sunglasses 

3) One tube sock (We hear it gets cold at night! It is technically winter in Malawi!)

4) His passport, of course

5) Enough peanuts for a month. You can never have too much of your favorite food. 

Of course, as a kindergarten alum, Elmer has embraced being a lifelong learner. He reminded me it is extremely important to do some non-fiction reading before visiting a new place. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elmer has Summer Plans

Hey there kindergartners! Did you know our classmate Elmer has been feeling a little blue lately? He told me he's going to miss his weekend trips to your houses when summer vacation begins. Elmer loves adventure, after all. To cheer him up, I promised to take Elmer on my excursion to Malawi. I'll be visiting my sister and some kindergarten students there. After all, Elmer's elephant relatives did come from Africa. 

Stop by anytime to catch up with the only elephant in kindergarten!