Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Climbing a Mountain

Malawi is a country full of mountains. Elmer wanted to brag that he made it to the top of one of the mountains, but I reminded him that riding in a backpack is a bit easier than climbing. 

This mountain where we spent two nights looks over Lake Malawi. Some people say that a view is pretty. I am going to use a better word, kindergarten friends. The view was gorgeous or perhaps you might say stunning

Elmer thought perhaps we might see a lion or a cheetah on our hike. He knows from our trip to the zoo this year that they are both African animals. However, since they do not roam these parts of Malawi, we settled on another member of the cat family. (The common household cat). 

Hiking Buddies!

I wish I knew more about plant names. I can tell you this though, flowers are different in a tropical climate, where it is usually warm all year. You often see very large bright blooms on trees. 

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  1. Beckett says, "I miss you a lot. Have fun!"