Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One stop in England!

When you have a very far way to travel, you often have to stop in different countries along the way. Since Elmer had never been to Europe, he was nearly giddy with the idea of spending 10 hours in the London airport. He wanted to look at all the gift shops and learn as much as he could about the British people who live there!

Peeking out of a tote bag with the British flag. It says "Keep calm and carry on," but Elmer is already the calmest elephant I know. 

I told him all about the guards at the Palace in London. They wear funny tall hats just like these ducks have on. Elmer thought he would make a good guard. 

And, of course, we saw the British flag. It has the same colors as the USA flag, red, white, and blue. Of course, the pattern is very different. 

No trip to London is complete without a cup of tea! British people love to have tea time. No coffee for them!


  1. Elmer, oh how I wish I could be there with you! England is a lovely country. If you have another layover there, be sure to eat some Indian food. I'm sure you have many cousins in India and are familiar with their cuisine :)

  2. Beth, your suspicions are correct. Elmer is partial to Indian food. (As am I!) Though we did not see any Indian establishments in the London airport, we are fortunate enough to have had an Indian woman here cook for us just this weekend. As you would assume, Elmer lapped up the last of the curry with his trunk. : )